Support by text editors for executing LaTeX-related external programs ranges from "good" (Emacs+AucTeX) to "nearly absent" (Vim).

Ltxshell is a shell for calling LaTeX and accompanying tools on Linux (teTeX) and win32-Systems (MikTeX). Ltxshell provides a simple interface to call these LaTeX-related tools. This software is written and maintained primarily by Volker Kiefel.

Software requirements: Ltxshell is provided as console program. It can be installed manually and is configurable for various (La)TeX-implementations: teTeX, TexLive, MikTeX, fptex. A full LaTeX implementation should be installed, ltxshell may call BibTeX, makeindex, dvips, dvipdfm, pdftex, Adobe acrobat/xpdf, ghostscript/gsview32, kpdf (KDE), evince (GNOME) or gv.

Download: Current version is 1.12 (released September 15, 2006). For download please refer to the ltxshell project page, archive with ltxshell.exe:, documentation (PDF, HTML).


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